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World's first extinct seaweed

Phycologia Australica

The five volumes of Phycologia Australica by William Henry Harvey, written between 1858 and 1863 are very rare and nowadays can only be found in herbaria and museums. For this reason the Phycology Research Group (under the Direction of Prof. Eric Coppejans) at the University of Gent, Belgium embarked on a project, lead by Frederik Leliaert and Olivier De Clerck, to scan the entire book and make it available online. This excellent website provides high quality images of the plates (coloured illustrations of over 300 species of marine algae) by Harvey and the text to go with it. Click here to go to their website.

To complement their website we have created, on this page a search facility to find images of the coloured illustrations by their current names, Harvey's names (as given by Harvey when he collected them) or by the plate number. For the plate numbers use either Roman or Arabic numerals. These images have also been incorporated into the web pages of our collection of Harvey's specimens.

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